Hermetically Sealed Connectors

What Are Hermetically Sealed Connectors?

Hermetically sealed connectors are commonly used when machines or equipment will be exposed to harsh environments. Some items, such as photographic and surveillance equipment mounted on unmanned vehicles, are exposed to severe weather, fluctuating atmospheric conditions, and high altitudes. Hermetically sealed connectors are chosen to connect vacuum-sealed boxes and equipment because they can maintain the airtight condition even under severe flight conditions. It’s also common to find a hermetically sealed connector in use on submarines and satellites in orbit. Although the connectors are exposed to very different environments, their ability to withstand pressure differences and prevent moisture seepage into machinery is consistent.

A Vital Component of Protection From Moisture

In these, and other conditions, packaging technology is used to prevent gases from moving through barriers because of the connector. When a high-pressure differential barrier is built to allow for the passage of electric currents, there’s a potential for gases or moisture to also penetrate the barrier. Appropriately-constructed, hermetically sealed connectors will be effective against those environmental exposures and should be unaffected by moisture as well as resistant to corrosion. Ultimately, the purpose of the hermetically sealed connectors isn’t just to prevent gas and moisture to get beyond the barrier, but to protect sensitive electronic systems from malfunctions related to moisture.