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The terms Vacuum Feedthrough, Electric Feedthrough, Glass Feedthrough or Glass-to Metal Feedthrough, Ceramic Feedthrough or Ceramic-to-Metal Feedthrough are often used interchangeable in vacuum and hermetic sealed industries.

The function of a hermetic feedthrough is primary to carry electrical current from and to a hermetic or vacuum system. Hermeticity is generally defined as the state or condition of being air or gas tight. In interconnect applications, hermetic refers to packaging technology designed to prevent gases from passing through pressure barriers via  the connector. Complete Hermetics designs and manufactures custom prototypes for hermetic feedthroughs. Complete Hermetics manufactures glass-to-metal feedthroughs as well as custom ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs.

You can find General Specification in the page of Hermetic Seals and Feedthroughs.

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Custom Hermetic Feedthroughs