Hermetically Sealed Connectors for High-Tech Systems

Complete Hermetics provides a full selection of hermetic connectors, feedthroughs, seals, and other essential system components. Our custom-made products are ready to integrate with even the most detailed system; top engineers handle each of our design jobs to fully comply with every client’s individual needs. By working closely with each client we serve, we are better able to meet the changing needs of today’s dynamic high-tech industries and laboratory settings. We offer custom designs for any mounting requirements; whenever conventional hermetic products fail to meet your needs, we can supply custom solutions.

Protecting Contents From Infiltration

Hermetic connectors like those we make are used in settings where contents must be completely sealed off from invasion. Protect objects and container contents from contaminants such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Moisture
  • Oxygen

Airtight seals, containers, and feedthroughs are essential to many different concerns, including off-shore drilling, aerospace engineering, submarine design and construction, military aircraft development, manufacturing plant operation, and much more. We are pleased to provide solutions that conform with the highest industry standards; you can feel confident that our components are going to perform reliably in all standard use scenarios.

Best Manufacturing Practices

Hermetic connectors, seals, and other components are made using all best practices for manufacturing and fabrication. Glass-to-metal feedthroughs are made with a wetted seal that bonds tightly; connectors are tested to 100% hermeticity.

Contact Complete Hermetics today to learn more about custom component creation and about our process.