Unlike many companies, Complete Hermetics offers a complete line of titanium terminals and connectors for medical equipment such as lithium batteries, diagnostic devices and other medical applications

Titanium headers are a special classification at Complete Hermetics. Our engineers take pride in producing the highest quality titanium headers for medical and electrical applications, including:

  • Titanium headers for inertial sensors
  • Titanium battery seals
  • Titanium header assemblies for medical devices
  • Lithium battery terminals

Titanium alloys are bio-stable and are corrosion resistant. They have the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other metal, making our titanium headers a perfect choice for medical devices and implants.

Complete Hermetics inspects and conducts 100% leak tests. Minimum helium leak rate is 1×10-8 cc He/sec. Complete Hermetics can also perform high voltage testing and break down voltage if necessary on any of your header assemblies. Complete Hermetics is proud to offer complete design and production of any type of titanium connector device.


  • Body material can be titanium, titanium alloy, stainless steel and other materials on request
  • Pin materials include titanium, alloy 52, platinum-iridium, stainless steel, molybdenum and other materials on request
  • Glass is CABAL 12 or variations and TA-23
Titanium Headers – Battery Terminals & Medical Equipment