Hermetic Connectors

Making the Right Connections with Hermetic Connectors

Hermetic connectors are a fact of doing business in many industries. This ubiquity sometimes overshadows the engineering wonders that are made possible by these pieces of technology. They make many of the technological that we take for granted today possible. Here are a few of the more prominent examples from some leading industries.


Medical science has come a long way in recent history. From heart transplants to MRI machines, things that past physicians only dreamed of are now commonplace. This is due in part to hermetic sealing technology designed for the medical industry. These connectors provide a pressure-resistant seal for various applications doctors and hospitals depend on. The unique glass, ceramic and metal construction provides the absolute best in failure resistance and durability. That’s important when lives are on the line.


This technology got its start in the military. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that most contemporary hermetic seal and connector manufacturers are well versed in Mil-Spec connections. These are featured on everything from submarines roving the depths of the oceans to the defense satellites keeping an eye on things in space.

Hermetic connectors are used for a lot more than just military and hospital equipment. If you need a specific connector, or if you have a situation that needs a special design, reach out to a manufacturer of hermetic sealed connectors today.