Glass-to-Metal Seals

Creating the Hermetic Sealing for Your Application

It used to be difficult to get an airtight seal for distillation and other processes. Today’s technology makes hermetic sealing much easier to attain, when you have the right engineers behind your development team. Although many companies attempt to use an O-ring or epoxy to get the hermetic seal, there are other processes which work more effectively in certain applications. We know how to find the right product for your project.

Our team of engineers works with you to find the right combination of materials that will meet your specifications. Glass-to-metal seals are extremely effective under some conditions, but higher heat or voltage may require a ceramic-to-metal hermetic sealing solution. When you need the chemicals and gases to be airtight in your application, let us help develop the right seal. We test each product to ensure its reliability and results before use.

Finding the right solution for each application is right in our wheelhouse. Our engineers specialize in creating hermetic sealing for specific projects and prototypes to meet the individual specifications of each product. We’ve worked with many industries, for example, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and military. Our engineers use the latest technology and tools to design and develop hermetic sealing products to fit your needs. Let us work with your team to get your project moving forward.