Getting the Right High Vacuum Feedthrough

A hermetic feedthrough must be secure enough to prevent leakage, even the smallest amount. It has to maintain a vacuum under certain conditions, which are different for every application. Fortunately, there are three main types of feedthroughs which operate in hermetic vacuums:

  • Low voltage
  • Water-cooled and RF
  • High-voltage

We have the experience to design and develop a high vacuum feedthrough to achieve the proper hermetic seal for your application. Let us work within your specifications to create what you need to move forward with your system.

Attaining a hermetic seal with a high vacuum feedthrough can be done using a glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal design. The properties of your project and its use will determine the best materials for its design. We have multiple options to meet the standards of excellence in your industry. Our engineers specialize in developing the right hermetic system to fit your needs.

Because we have worked with many different industries, we know how to create the product that fits medical equipment or satellite systems. Our engineers have worked with the military, aerospace development, and pharmaceutical companies. Every hermetic system with a high vacuum feedthrough is tested before use to ensure quality control. Whether you’re looking for a prototype or manufacturing of multiple hermetic seals, our team can make it happen.