Glass-to-Metal vs Ceramic-to-Metal Seals: Hermetic Seal Products

We at Complete Hermetics are proud to offer a diverse array of different seals and feedthroughs that make us stand out as a top-tier hermetic seal products. The type of seal that will be best for your needs depends on which industrial application you will be using it for. In this short article, you will learn about the differences between glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal seals.

Ceramic-to-Metal Seals

Ceramic can withstand higher temperatures than glass, so ceramic-to-metal seals are best used in environments with very high voltages and operating temperatures. One thing to keep in mind if you go with the ceramic-to-metal option is that due to the increased amount of labor it takes to make one of these, your wait time may be longer after placing your order.

Glass-to-Metal Seals

Glass is a good option to go for if the environment involves electrical currents, due to its insulating qualities. It is also ideal for a high-pressure environment, even though its temperature threshold is lower than that of ceramic.

Finding the Right Seal

If you have decided which type of seal is best suited to your needs, you may be wondering which size to get. At Complete Hermetics, we can custom-make the perfectly shaped seal for whatever application you have in mind.

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