Ensure System Integrity with Quality Battery End Seals

Titanium headers

No matter what technology you depend upon, system integrity is crucial. Advanced battery end seals utilize custom glass-to-metal sealing solutions capable of withstanding harsh environments that encounter extreme temperatures, humidity, pressure and electrochemical corrosion.

To ensure quality engineering, Complete Hermetics inspects and conducts rigorous testing for leakage rates, high energy isolation and break down voltage. Advanced material specifications make our battery end covers and capacitor lids ideal for many industries:

  • Communication systems
  • Medical and health equipment
  • Automotive applications
  • Sensor and monitor systems
  • Weapons systems

Lithium battery sealed lids are especially reliable. We offer a complete line of titanium connectors and terminals for equipment that requires excellent lithium battery performance.

Material Specifications for Battery End Seals

With a choice of materials, your company can select battery components tailored for specific applications. Body makeup includes a variety of high-quality metals: titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and more. Available pin materials include molybdenum, alloy 52, titanium and stainless steels, while glass materials include Corning 9010, Corning 9013, Cabal 12 and options for custom materials.

Lithium battery sealed lids provide the best technology for longevity and safety, ensuring steady performance in many crucial functions. At Complete Hermetics, we understand the need to keep systems going at all times. Talk to our experts today for help in selecting the optimal product for your critical applications.