Electrical Feedthroughs

Maintaining Hermetic Seals With a Glass-to-Metal Bond

It’s hard to imagine that a furnace and x-ray equipment using some of the same technology, but electrical feedthroughs are vital to many different applications which require a hermetic seal with an electrical feedthrough that prevents even the tiniest amount of leakage in the vacuum. When your business needs a prototype that has been tested and retested for your project, Complete Hermetics has the engineers who can make it happen.

For glass-to-metal seals, we heat glass to its molten state, then its wetted to the metal to create the bond. Our production team carefully measures the thermal expansion of the glass to prevent breakage during its use. Glass seals are more resistant to the temperature changes during use than an O-ring or epoxy seal. We can also match the use of the glass-to-metal seal to your electrical feedthrough, making your system more efficient and secure under stringent conditions.

Glass-to-metal seals and electrical feedthroughs can have plating to help them resist corrosion and increase the soldering capabilities. With so many options for the seal, you can get the exact specifications that meet your application. Our engineers specialize in creating hermetic seals and electrical feedthroughs. You know what you need your product to do. Let us help you make it happen by producing the parts that make it work.