For customers looking for a complete hermetic packaging solutions, Complete Hermetics offers the answers. Whether you need hermetic enclosures or other packages, Complete Hermetics has the required solutions.

Complete Hermetics offers a wide range of hermetic electronic packages that are used in applications such as semiconductors or anywhere that components need protection from electrical, pressure, or vacuum risks. Some examples of fields in which Complete Hermetics creates hermetic packages are offshore drilling, aerospace engineering and medical devices.

Seals in Complete Hermetics packages usually last for years, making them one of the most durable custom-made hermetic products on the market.

Complete Hermetics offers a complete line of customized hermetic packages and hermetic enclosures for amplifiers, lasers, modulators and other applications. Complete Hermetics designs and manufactures high-quality electronic and semiconductor packages for all types of requirements. Our quality hermetically sealed enclosures serve in fiber optics, microwave and telecom packages. Complete Hermetics can customize a production run of five or thousands of pieces, depending on the customer’s needs.

Complete Hermetics provides common configurations of flat packs, plug-ins and plate forms. These packages are made to the highest MIL-883 standards.

Complete Hermetics offers the very highest in quality and manufacturing to give customers the correct hermetic packages for their various applications. All hermetic packages are compliant with all codes and standards applicable for the fields in which they are used.