For customers looking for hermetic headers, Complete Hermetics has all the products you want including custom designs. Whether you need hermetic headers or hermetic terminals, Complete Hermetics has the best solution.

Why use Complete Hermetics headers?

Complete Hermetics designed headers provide the best solutions for all requirements. Reliable hermetic performance gives assurance that these headers will perform well time-after-time. We design custom headers upon customer request in order to meet almost any need.

Whether you work with semiconductors or other devices that require protection from heat or moisture, you can depend on the seals provided by Complete Hermetics in all headers to keep out invasive agents.

Hermetic headers can be designed to offer protection from electrical risk as well as pressure and vacuum leaks by their materials and other factors. Complete Hermetics often designs hermetic headers to be used in offshore drilling as well as aerospace engineering and medical devices.

What Types of Hermetic Headers Are Offered?

Complete Hermetics offers a complete line of customized hermetic headers for all applications. Our quality hermetically sealed enclosures serve all types of fields including communications, medical, and heavy-duty military use. Furthermore, Complete Hermetics can help you design custom headers and run a few or thousands, depending on your needs.

Complete Hermetics offers multi-pin and single-pin headers as well as specialty headers that are not carried by other companies. Our custom headers are designed to your specifications so they perfectly satisfy your needs, even if your equipment is not standard or is even unique.