Where Can You Find Hermetic Packages?

Electronic components can be quite fragile, which is why it’s important to shield them from unsuitable environments. One way to protect semiconductors and other devices from water and corrosive materials is with an airtight seal around the desired area. To keep technology functioning properly over the long haul, you can often find hermetic packages in some of the harshest conditions known to man.


As an object dives into the ocean, water exudes pressure as it tries to infiltrate the enclosure. When exploring the deepest regions of the sea in search of oil or exotic wildlife, electronic equipment takes a lot of abuse. To protect these sensitive components from damages, scientists trust hermetic packages to provide a watertight barrier.

Outer Space

 As satellites travel in an orbit and probes explore the outer reaches of the solar system, sophisticated equipment transmits information back to the planet. If a semiconductor requires a gas environment to function properly, hermetic packages can keep it from escaping into the vacuum of space.


 Your body is mostly water, which is why pacemakers and other implanted devices need to be sealed against fluid incursion. When your health is on the line, you can trust a tight seal to keep you alive.

Protection for Electronics

These are just a few uses for hermetic packages, but they’re the perfect solution whenever you need to shield sensitive components from harsh environments.

Nowadays, hermetic packages are offering solutions for high reliability and high performance applications so they are extensively used in aerospace, medical and commercial applications.

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